Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

Purple Chick!

Heyaaa Makeup Lovers!
How was your weekend?
Hope you guys had a great weekend, cuz mine was so boriiing..

But it wasn't too bad thou, cz i finally had enuff time to do a makeup experiment *Horaaayyy!!

im using some of my new makeup stuffs such as Sephora Sculpting Disk and smokey eye brush. (yeaay thanks to MFB who bought it for me all the way from KL)

So what do u think guys?
PS: I know my eye brows look a bit weird,  i was planned to do a fashion makeup, but ended up with beauty make up aah well...

 What did i use for my face?

To moisturized my face
Krayolan Stick Foundation W3

NC 25

and for eyes i used these products;

MUVE Camouflage Cream for eye base

The eyeshadows

for upper liner

For under eyeliner

And these are for the blush;

PAC Blush Palette: B05 for shading on my cheeks and jaws & B07 for shading on my nose

a lil bit of this on my apple cheecks
and a lil bit of this for give a lil shimmer on my cheeks 

and for lips....
- PAC lip liner (i cant remember the color's number, i'll check it later)
- Estee Lauder lipstick (i also forget the color, sorry)
- Revlon Color Stay Lip Gloss

DONE! :)


Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

Sunday Wedding Party

Hi everyone,

So my little sister has invited to her friend's wedding party. She asked me if i could do a simple make up for her.

Well i didnt have any plan this morning so i said okay.

she's a baby face 20 yo woman. So in this occasion i wanted to make her looks maturer. (hope she'll meet someone at the wedding *wink!)

So here is the make up.

have a nice sunday makeup lovers!!
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